Consultancy Services – Supervision of BNZ-5 Irrigation System Construction on Bijeljina Municipality Territory – Donje Crnjelovo

Investor: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Agricultural Projects Coordination Units – APCU
Supervisor: Consortium Zavod za vodoprivredu d.o.o Bijeljina and Energoprojekt Hidroinženjering a.d. Belgrade is author of the Detailed Design and provides Supervision of Works, i.e of FIDIC ENGINEER (Consultant)
Contractor: Consortium „HIGRA d.o.o. Bijeljina and HIDRO-KOPd.o.o. Banja Luka
Implementation Deadline: January 2020


Subject of the project was the construction of Irrigation system for the Pilot area. Pilot area was identified throughout the Preliminary Design based on multi-criteria analyses between 24 subsystems for irrigation, identified on the area of Bijeljina City with agreement of local administration and Investor.

Project covers implementation of transit and distributive pipelines of BNZ-5 subsystem, construction of pump station objects with water intake, with implementation of all necessary electrical power installations and control system.

Sub-system BNZ-5 is located in the vicinity of Crnjelovo Donje settlement. East border is Stara Dasnica channel, to the west Channel IV Zapad, to the south Channel IV-11 Zapad, and to the north there is Channel II-1 Zapad. Drainage channel I-9 Zapad is running through the central part of the sub-system.

Selected subsystem has total gross surface of 510.8 ha, i.e. 434.2 ha net surface. Production of vegetables is widely represented on this sub-system, Local agricultural producers use irrigation systems largely.

For water supply for irrigation it is foreseen to use lateral water intake on Stara Dasnica channel that would lead water into the PSBNZ-5 pump sump. Network of transit and distributive pipelines was designed for distribution and transport of water for irrigation to the agricultural plots.

Pump station PSBNZ-5 has main role in providing BNZ-5 spatial unit with water for irrigation. This pump station is providing BNZ-5 subsystem with water as well as foreseen sub-system BNI-5. Total installed power of pump units in pump station is Ni=5x54=270 kW. Maximum discharge achieved in BNZ-5 subsystem pipeline is 321 L/s, for operating pressure of 5.25 bars. Pump station is foreseen for providing water for those two sub-systems, so the reservoir was foreseen to be constructed in the final phase of construction. In the other faze of construction, it was foreseen to construct the over ground part with valve chamber and install pump units in the reservoir area. In the final phase, during normal operating regime this pump operates with full capacity of  540 l/s.