Position: Consultant, Researcher / Designer in Hydraulic Engineering

An expert in hydraulic engineering with many years of experience in the preparation and development of numerous strategic and development projects in the Republika Srpska and B&H, as well as in the design of integrated water management systems for the most complex purposes. He led the development of the most important strategic planning documents of the Republika Srpska for integrated water management, irrigation, water protection and river management. He was a Chief Designer and Team Leader for various complex and strategic projects, most notably: Flood Defence Operations Plans and Preliminary Flood Risk Assessments for the Sava and Trebisnjica River Basin Districts in the Republika Srpska, project ‘Flood Protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina’: ‘Flood Protection of Semberija against the Flood Flows of the Drina’ and ‘Preliminary and Detailed Designs of the Left Drina Dyke in Semberija’; ‘Integrated Water Management Strategy for the Republika Srpska 2015 – 2024’, study ‘Development of Irrigation Systems in the Republika Srpska’, ‘Reconstruction and Update of the Erosion Map for the Republika Srpska’, and numerous designs for the water regime control and river management in the Republika Srpska.

He has a great experience in supervising the construction of water management structures and systems, and implementation of management projects of large systems. He is a member of the Supervisory Team for the implementation of the project ‘Flood Prevention Emergency Measures in the Republika Srpska’ which is financed by EIB loan, at the position of the supervisor senior hydraulic engineer.

Licenced for:

– The development and revision of technical documents in hydraulic engineering; construction and supervision of hydraulic engineering structures, awarded by a competent Ministry of the Republika Srpska
– Chief Designer, Supervisor and Reviser of technical documents in hydraulic engineering, awarded by the Brcko District