Development of the Study for dislocation and extraction of material from the watercourses in Republika Srpska
(Investor: MAFWM, PI „Vode Srpske“, Bijeljina, 2022)

Preliminary design and Detailed design of Turjanica  water regime and river bed regulation on Laktaši city territory, section: from the mouth of Vrbas river – intersection with the trunk road m-16-1.
(Investor: MAFWM, APCU, Banja Luka, 2022)

Analyses of Flood Wave Propagation in case of “Nedavic” Dam Collapse, Section from the Dam Profile to the Urban Area of Konjic (ongoing project)
(ETF HE Ulog ltd. Kalinovik, 2022)

Consultant Services – Development of the Detailed Design of Irrigation System in KOJ-5 in Kojcinovac, City of Bijeljina (ongoing project)
(Investor: Higra ltd. Bijeljina, 2022) view more

Preliminary and Detailed Design of Teslic Waste Water Treatment Plant (ongoing project)
(Investor: EIB-Wat-San, Teslic municipality, Higra, 2022) view more