Preliminary and Detailed Design of protection against Drinjaca river and creek flood waters at the location of “Vivia” factory complex, Raševo
(Investor: Vitinka, a.d. Zvornik)

Development of the Preliminary and Detailed Design of regulation – Regulation of Ostružnja river channel through urban area of Stanari settlement
(Investor: EFT Mine and TPP Stanari, Stanari)

Development of the Study for dislocation and extraction of material from the watercourses in Republika Srpska
(Investor: MAFWM, PI „Vode Srpske“, Bijeljina, 2022)

Preliminary design and Detailed design of Turjanica  water regime and river bed regulation on Laktaši city territory, section: from the mouth of Vrbas river – intersection with the trunk road m-16-1.
(Investor: MAFWM, APCU, Banja Luka, 2022)

Consultant Services – Development of the Detailed Design of Irrigation System in KOJ-5 in Kojcinovac, City of Bijeljina (ongoing project)
(Investor: Higra ltd. Bijeljina, 2022) view more

Preliminary and Detailed Design of Teslic Waste Water Treatment Plant (ongoing project)
(Investor: EIB-Wat-San, Teslic municipality, Higra, 2022) view more