1. Strengthening the Organizational, Operational and Financial Capacities of Water Utilities in Selected Local Governments in B&H,
    (Investor: UNDP B&H, 2017)1

  2. Preliminary Design for the Long-Term Drinking Water Supply for the City of Doboj, Mathematical Model and Hydraulic Analysis,
    (Investor: Water Utility Doboj, 2016)

  3. Detailed Design for the “Krs” Reservoir in the Trebinje Water Supply System, volume 2,000 m3,
    (Investor: City of Trebinje, 2014)

  4. Hydraulic Study “Analysis of Water Balances and Development of Mathematical Model for the Bileca Water Supply System,
    (Investor: Municipality of Bileca, 2014)

  5. Detailed Design for the Water Supply of Pljesevice, Djemanovici and Donji Seljani in the Municipality of Rogatica,
    (Investor: Municipality of Rogatica, 2014)

  6. Detailed Design for the reconstruction of the transportation pipeline from the Zilicina source to the Grad pumping station in municipality of Rogatica,
    (Investor: Municipality of Rogatica, 2014)

  7. Preliminary Design for the Reconstruction and Development of the Water Supply System in Trebinje including Hydraulic Model,
    (Investor: OeKB, Austria / OSTAP Engineering & Consulting GmbH, Wien, Austria, 2010)7

1 Project implemented by a Consortium, where the Institute for Water Management Ltd. Bijeljina was a member of the Consortium