Within project of reconstruction and upgrading of Doboj water supply system, Zavod za vodoprivredu d.o.o. Bijeljina has developed three detailed designs during 2020:

  1. FINAL DESIGN – “PRIDJEL” (ADE)SOURCE where technical specifications for development of the new source were presented and new quantities of drinking water have been introduced to the Doboj water supply system by activating 1 Ranney well in the first phase of the project. Prospectively, Pridjel source is going to develop within Doboj city water supply system by construction of three wells of the same construction type and capacity, and in the final phase they will provide up to 45 L/s of additional quantities of the raw water that will be pumped into Luke source. It is significant quantity for the city of Doboj that will be crucial for functional system operation in period of droughts. Disinfection of water will be performed on Luke source in all phases of implementation.
  2. FINAL DESIGN OF PRESSURE PIPELINE FROM “PRIDJEL” SOURCE TO THE “LUKE” SOURCE gives technical design of transport of new quantities from “Pridjel” source to the connection with existing water supply network at the “Luke” source. Pressure pipeline is 1,75 km long, designed of polyethylene pipes PEHD 100, SDR17, DN/dn=315/277,6 mm and nominal pressure NP 10 bars;
  3. FINAL DESIGN OF RECONSTRUCTION OF PART OF WATER SUPPLY NETWORK AND NEW WATER SUPPLY NETWORK IN VELIKA BUKOVICA SETTLEMENT IN DOBOJ with the goal to reduce water loss in the network and provide safe and stable water supply to the end beneficiaries according to extension which is defined by ToR. By constructing the pipelines of bigger capacity the condition for extension of water supply network are created thus for number of water supply beneficiaries to increase as well. It is very important for the Doboj city and Water Utility, considering investments and invested activities into the system development in the last period. Designed pipeline is of total length of 3.8 km, made of polyethylene pipes PEHD100, SDR 17, diameter DN160 mm,110 mm and 90 mm of nominal pressure NP 10 bar.
Figure 1. Layout map of the area with indicated Ranney well on the “Pridjel” new source, pressure pipeline to the “Luke” source and main distributive pipeline in Velika Bukovica
Figure 2. Route of the pressure pipeline (red line) from the “Pridjel” source to the “Luke” source in Doboj
Figure 3. Layout of the Ranney well at the ,,Pridjel” source
Figure 4. Well pipes installation scheme