Consortium Zavod za vodoprivredu d.o.o. Bijeljina and Institute for hydraulic and environmental engineering of the Civil Engineering Faculty from Belgrade, has developed two key strategic documents in the field of communal infrastructure under title “Development of mathematical model of water supply and sewerage system of Gradiska with development plan”.

Study was systemized and organized into two logical units based on identified areas developed within, i.e. onto segment of water supply and sewerage including General report with summary of analyses and conclusion from two stated units. Studies were based on voluminous and targeted terrain measurements, results of hydraulic analyses and mathematical models for existing status, rehabilitation and reconstruction measures were proposed for water supply and sewerage systems, and after foreseen measures of stabilization and improvement of system efficiency, mathematical models of development concept of water supply and sewerage system were implemented. On those basis technical development scenario was defined in accordance with regulations of the good practice and key technical and environmental requirements.

Beside indicated technical tasks for establishment of functionality of existing systems in water supply and sewerage water treatment, as very important and crucial, the significant attention was given to the Zeravica source quality protection through development of the Study. Since Zeravica is the only source of public water supply service that has numerous residential buildings within direct and indirect protection zone, which are not connected to the public sewerage system and has a quite agricultural activities in this area, it is indicative that for now, under limited water abstraction conditions, this source has raw water of good quality. With this Study with targeted measures on water abstraction and monitoring this level has to be maintained and secured that adequate quantities of good quality raw water are permanently provided for public water supply services of Gradiška city, since at the same time it is of essential interest for existence and development of this local community.

Hydraulic model – distribution of knots, pipelines and Gradiška water supply system objects
Implemented terrain investigation works with different equipment for water loss detection in Gradiška water supply system – noise detectors, correlators, geophones, pressure and flow meters
Layout of the plan for reconstruction and upgrading of objects and equipment at the Zeravica source and water supply system
Gauge location on gravitational sewerage outlet from PS Kej
Base and longitudinal outlet throughout the object of the new PS Kej 2