The development of a key strategic document relating to utility infrastructure (‘Development of Mathematical Hydraulic Model for the Gradiska Water Supply and Sewerage System with a Development Plan’) was made during 2019 by the Project Consortium consisting of the Institute for Water Management Bijeljina & Institute for Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering of the Civil Engineering Faculty in Belgrade.

The document is organised into two studies according to the subject, i.e. water supply and conveyance of wastewater, including a Summary Report which gives a brief description of analyses and conclusions. Although not explicitly specified in the title, the Studies are based on extensive field measurements and hydraulic analysis results in mathematical models for the existing state. The Studies propose measures for rehabilitation and reconstruction of the water supply and sewerage system. After carrying out the planned rehabilitation measures and increasing the efficiency of the system, the mathematical models for the development of the water supply and sewerage system has been made. They defined a realistic technical development scenario, in accordance with the rules of the profession and key technical and ecological requirements.

Besides the specified technical requirement to establish the functionality of the existing water supply and sewerage systems, a key goal of the project, which was not specified in the Terms of Reference but was obligatory for the Designer, was to pay special attention to the protection of the water quality of the ‘Zeravica’ water source. Given that there is a large number of residential units that are not connected to the public sewerage system in the intermediate and outer protection zones of the ‘Zeravica’ drinking water source, which is the only source of public water supply, and that there is a significant agriculture in these zones, the source for the time being still provides raw water of good quality even in the current limited capacity of the wells. The Studies with their targeted measures for water abstraction and monitoring must maintain this quality level and ensure the permanent abstraction of sufficient quantities of raw water of good quality for public water supply of the City of Gradiska. This is also an essential interest for the local community.


Hydraulic model –  plan of nodes, pipelines and objects of the Gradiska water supply system


Field investigations of water losses with different loss detection equipment in Gradiska water supply system -  noise loggers, correlators, geophones, flow and pressure meters


Layout of the planned reconstruction and upgrade of facilities and equipment at the Zeravica source and in the Gradiska water supply system, approved Option II


Measurement site at the sewer gravity outfall of Kej PS


Plan ad longitudinal section of the new Kej 2 PS