Position: Managing Director

An expert in hydraulic engineering with experience in planning and construction of a wide range of hydraulic structures for the use of water resources, river management and water quality protection, as well as projects of complex integrated management systems. He specializes in mathematical modelling of systems for various purposes, in particular pressurized piping and open channel systems, and the transfer and application of simulation results to real systems to optimize and develop appropriate management plans. He was a Key Designer and Team Leader for various complex and strategic projects, of which the most important are the following: ‘The Management of the Reservoirs and Dams in the Trebisnjica Hydropower System’, ‘The Integrated Water Management Strategy of the Republika Srpska 2015-2024’, ‘Flood Hazard and Flood Risks Maps in the Vrbas River Basin’, ‘Preliminary and Detailed Designs for the Development of Irrigation Systems in Lijevce Polje and Potkozarje’, ‘Trebisnjica River Basin District Management Plan in the Republika Srpska’, projects of rehabilitation and reconstruction of water supply systems with applied mathematical models, ‘Development of Water Supply Systems in B&H’ (MEG project), ‘Bileca Waste Water Treatment Plant using SBR Technology’. He participated in the revision of hydraulic technical documents as the Chief Reviser and Reporting Reviser, of which the most significant are ‘Detailed Design for the Dabar HPS’ and ‘Preliminary Designs and Feasibility Studies of Buk Bijela HPS, Foca HPS, Paunci HPS and Sutjeska HPS’.  He also participated in the development of expert opinions for issuing water licences in the water sector.

He provides technical support to the Consortium for the supervision of the project ‘Flood Prevention Emergency Measures in the Republika Srpska’ which is financed by an EIB loan. He supervised numerous constructions of irrigation systems, water protection and river management systems, and public hydraulic structures (wastewater treatment plant in Bileca).

He has an advanced knowledge and technical experience in computers and also has conversational English. He is an author and co-author of various expert and scientific papers in hydraulic engineering.  

Licenced for:
– The development and revision of technical documents in hydraulic engineering, awarded by a competent Ministry of the Republika Srpska
– Chief Designer, Supervisor and Reviser of technical documents in hydraulic engineering, awarded by the Brcko District