Position: Head of General Affairs, Senior Consultant / Designer in Hydraulic Engineering

An expert in hydraulic engineering with experience in numerous irrigation system and water protection projects, and analysis of environmental flows on rivers in the Republika Srpska, downstream of hydropower systems and on natural rivers. She has a good knowledge of measures and methods for improvement of water regimes using management measures in the conditions of low flows, in order to achieve favourable environmental conditions in rivers and riparian zones. She was the Chief Designer and a project team member on several projects of water protection and management in the conditions of low flows and the development of irrigation systems. The most important are: Study ‘The Determination of an Environmental Flow of the Trebisnjica downstream from the Trebinje 1 HPS’,  environmentally acceptable runway on the Trebisnjica River downstream from HE Trebinje 1, Studies for management of the Drenova reservoir in Prnjavor and the Vrba and Klinj reservoirs in Gacko, Study ‘The Determination of Environmental Flows for the Seven Profiles in the Trebisnjica River Basin District in the Republika Srpska’, Survey to determine environmental flow downstream from the Visegrad HPS,  ‘Preliminary and Detailed Designs for the Development of the Irrigation System in Semberija.

She is a member of the Supervisory Team for the implementation of the project ‘Flood Prevention Emergency Measures in the Republika Srpska’ which is financed by an EIB loan, at the position of the supervisor senior hydraulic engineer. She is a member of the Supervisory Team for the development of the water supply from the Vrbovac source in Odzak and the Chief Supervisor for the construction of the irrigation system in Pelagicevo.

She is responsible for analyses of compliance with tender documents and preparation of bidding documents.

She has advanced knowledge of and technical experience in computing and is proficient in English.   

Licenced for:

–The development and revision of technical documents in hydraulic engineering, awarded by a competent Ministry of the Republika Srpska
– Chief Designer, Supervisor and Reviser of technical documents in hydraulic engineering, awarded by the Brcko District