Position: Technical Manager, Senior Consultant / Designer in Hydraulic Engineering

An expert in hydraulic engineering with experience in the development of numerous flood control projects and flood risk management. He specializes in mathematical modelling of river and canal systems using Mike 11, Mike 21 and HEC-RAS software models. He was the key designer of several flood risk management and river management projects, of which the most important are: ‘Flood Hazard and Flood Risks Maps in the Vrbas River Basin’ (1D and 2D mathematical model of the entire basin), projects of the river channel management for the Vrbas in Banja Luka, the Bosna in Doboj, the Drina and Janja in Semberija, the Trebišnjica in Trebinje and Popovo Polje, the Musnica in Gatacko Polje, etc. Also, he was the key designer for the project of the drainage and development of irrigation systems in Lijevce Polje (connecting canal between the river Vrbas and the Osorna canal) and the drainage of Dabarsko Polje (canal through Dabarsko Polje), the member of the project team on numerous projects for management of water supply systems and public hydraulic structures. He participated in numerous hydraulic engineering project revisions and he was a member of the revision team for the detailed designs of the water regime control and river channel management of the rivers Vrbanja, Vijaka, Ukrina, etc.

He is a member of the Supervisory Team for the implementation of the project ‘Flood Prevention Emergency Measures in the Republika Srpska’ which is financed by an EIB loan, at the position of the supervisor junior hydraulic engineer.

He has advanced knowledge of and technical experience in computing and also has a good knowledge of English. He is an author and co-author of various expert and scientific papers in hydraulic engineering.  

Licenced for:

– The development and revision of technical documents in hydraulic engineering, awarded by a competent Ministry of the Republika Srpska
– Chief Designer, Supervisor and Reviser of technical documents in hydraulic engineering, awarded by the Brcko District