Supervision of Works on Construction of “Usora” Pump Station, Doboj

Investor: UNDP BiH
Implementation period: 2018-2020


Based on the contract on supervision UNDPBIH-18-161-LID-ZAVODZAVODOPRIVREDU-I, of 30.08.2018 concluded between UNDP BiH and Zavod za vodoprivredu d.o.o. Bijeljina, Zavod za vodoprivredu has performed construction supervision on implemented civil, hydro-technical and electrical works on construction of “Usora” pump station, Doboj. Supervisor, has regularly follow implementation of works, procurement of equipment, endorsed Construction log book, and after finalization of certain positions endorsement of the measurement book as well.

Design documentation has foreseen to construct object by the methods used for construction of wells with construction of part of the concrete structure which is dug in, made out of three segments by sinking the segments using method of digging under to the required depth, with monolithic connections. Due to high level of ground waters, Contractor cannot approach to works implementation with designed technology, so it was suggested to use classical technology of implementing works with wide excavation of foundation pit, instead of designed well-construction-method.

Pump station object is located at the plateau. It was foreseen as reinforced concrete structure, made out of two parts, overground and underground part. Pump units are located within the underground part. Over ground part is 12x9,7 m and positioned over ground within dimensions of the underground part of PS object. Inside the PS object there is hydro-mechanical, electro and control equipment.

Power supply which requires installation of transformer stations within the object, still remains unsolved. Exact position of transformer station has not been defined yet.