For the needs of Stanari d.o.o. EFT Mine and Thermal Power Plant during spring 2020, Zavod has developed document “Expert opinion on meeting requirements for extension of water permit for Raskovac surface mine and Stanari Thermal power plant”, in the way to observe the impacts of the surface mine and Stanari TPP, with all accessory objects, to the water quality, as for the quantity characteristics from the aspect of water abstraction for the needs of Stanari Mine and Thermal power plant so as regarding the quality (treatment of ground, precipitation and waste waters, which arrive in the area of the Stanari mine and TE).

Basic start point for development of this Expert opinion was analyzing up to date established requirements in the water permits for the Raskovac open surface mine with accessory objects in Stanari, i.e. for production and business object: “Stanari” thermal power plant of installed capacity of 300 MW with accessory objects creating technological entity in production complex and if the requirement have been met (or not).

In that sense, liabilities regarding meeting criteria for water permit no. 12/8.04.6-4915-2/19, of 04.11.2019 have been analyzed and amendments to the decision no. 12/8.04.6-4915-4/19 of 14.02.2020, regarding Raskovac surface mine, and water permit no. 12/8.04.6-3634-2/19 of 04.11.2019 and amendments of the decision no. 12/8.04.6-3634-4/19 of 14.02.2020, regarding Stanari TPP.

Target of this approach was to take over and present, within this Expert opinion, the integrated overview of, up to date, established liabilities and percent of its finalization, i.e. to define liabilities which came out as the result. Expert team has concluded if those requirements have been met, along with specification of realistically considered and necessary obligations and issued proposal of additional improvements regarding water regime regulation, continuation of existing and foreseen works in the mine zone, preserving the surface and ground water quality, monitoring of quality and quantity of watercourses (Ostružje river) but also of other waters whose production is performed inside the Stanari Mine and TPP,

Open surface mine and accessory object of Stanari coal basin