During June 2020 Zavod has developed document “Expert opinion on meeting requirements for extension of water permit for associated company  Gacko Mine and TPP” for their needs.

After reconsiderations of submitted technical documentation and detailed terrain prospection, impacts of the open surface mine and Gacko thermal power plat with all accessory objects to the water quality was considered. It was performed as for the quantity aspect of water abstraction for the needs of Gacko Mine and TPP –technical water used in technological process on Gacko TPP (keeping the environmental flow on surface watercourses affected by Gacko Mine and TPP and for the quality aspect (accepting, treatment and disposing ground, precipitation and waste waters which arrive to the mine reservoir) i.e. impacts of technological and waste water from TPP to the ground and surface waters.

Status of regulation of the channel and banks of Gojkovica stream, Musnica river- dislocated section along Polje “B” – degraded channel, dislocated Musnica river channel over Gelja Ljut notch, dislocated Musnica river channel along the Gacko-Kula road, linear system and flood protection objects against hilly and runoff waters along the mine, Klinje dam and Vrba and level of water permit requirements fulfilment for Gracanica surface mine (no. 01/3-VA.5-1779-2/14 of 15.10.2014) and if they are fulfilled (or not) were considered within activities on river regime regulation.

Target of such approach was to take over and present, by this Study, the integrated review of, up to now, identified obligations and level of their implementation i.e. to define obligations which resulted on this basis.

Considering the complexity and scope of initiated and foreseen activities, which refer to regulation of water regime, protection and monitoring of water quality and quantity, environmental protection at wider area of Gatacko polje but within Gacko mine and TPP, expert team has concluded, along with specification of realistically observed necessary liabilities, that the requirements from existing water permit have been met and presented proposal of possible improvements within domain of water regime regulation and watercourses regulation, continuation of existing and foreseen works within zone of mine from the aspect of water management activities, water course and ground water quality protection and monitoring of quality and quantity of watercourses (Musnica river) but other waters whose production is performed within Gacko mine and TPP, development of monitoring of surface and ground waters and management over water sector system and Vrba and Klinje reservoirs.

View of Gacko mine and TPP