Preliminary Design and Detailed Design of Waste Water Treatment Plant in Teslic

Investor: EIB-Wat-San, Teslic municipality, Higra


Consortium Higra d.o.o. Bijeljina, Zavod za vodoprivredu d.o.o. Bijeljina and Hidrokop Banja Luka engaged in December 2019 on designing and constructing activities on the 1st  phase of WWTP on turn-key principle, based on Yellow Fidic, for the Teslic municipality. This type of contract means that certain knowledge was acquired in the previous project phases for developing tender document, that is, that certain information and basis for development of tender document according to this type of public procurement were at disposal. Tender document precisely presented all key parameters of the plant (capacity – PE per phases, technology and key requirements for object and equipment and expected effects) which have to be verified throughout further development of project documentation but also providing that appropriate technical documentation, if required, can be corrected.

Disposition of Teslić WWTP– spatial position of the object

Design and construction phases are defined according to the content of public procurement procedure. Design phase of Teslic WWTP means development of two technically and dynamically connected units of project documentation:

    • I Project Report (Updated Preliminary Design) and
    • II Detailed design.

Updated Preliminary design of Teslić Waste Water Treatment Plant consists of following parts of technical documentation:

    • Volume 1: Teslić WWTP technological design,
    • Volume 2: Teslić WWTP technical concept,
    • Volume 3: Additional hydrological and hydraulic analyses on Teslic WWTP location,
    • Additional hydrological and hydraulic analyses on WWTP location,
    • Terms of Reference for geodetic survey investigation works on Teslic WWTP location
    • Terms of reference for engineering and geological, hydrogeological and geotechnical investigation works at Teslic WWTP and
    • Study: Plan of environmental impacts and social effects assessment.

Detailed design of Teslic WWTP is highly complex technological and construction project consisting of following parts of detailed designs and accessory documentation in accordance with legislation in Republika Srpska:

    • Teslić WWTP Process design
    • Teslić WWTP hydro-mechanical design
    • Book 1: Summary Report– hydro-mechanical phase;
    • Book 2: Primary treatment of waste water;
    • Book 3: Biological treatment of waste water;
    • Book 4: Sludge processing line objects;
    • Book 5: Other plant's objects.

Teslić WWTP Construction design:

        • Book 1: Objects for the primary treatment of waste water:

Volume 1:  Inlet chamber with overflow;
Volume 2:  Coarse screen object with raw water pump station;
Volume 3:  Fine screen object with sand trap and grease trap
Volume 4:  Atmospheric waters overflow object and inlet flowmeter
Volume 5:  Overground part of primary treatment object;

        • Book 2: Secondary treatment objects:

Volume 1:  Equalization basin object with pump station;
Volume 2:  SBR object;

        • Book 3: Sludge processing line objects:

Volume 1:  Sludge thickener object;
Volume 2:  Sludge thickener pump station with the sludge homogenization tank
Volume 3:  Sludge drier object with polyelectrolyte preparation units;

        • Book 4: Other plant’s units:

Volume 1:  Administrative building;
Volume 2:  Electro object and transformer station
Volume 3:  Sand trap louvers and SBR blowers;
Volume 4:  Object for preparation of technical water;
Volume 5:  Outlet flowmeter and outlet structure

        • Book 5: Other objects of the plant – Architectonic part:

Volume 1:  Administration premises;
Volume 2:  Sludge drier object with polyelectrolyte preparation units;
Volume 3:  Electro object and transformer station;
Volume 4:  SBR blowers;
Volume 5:  Sand trap louvers;
Volume 6:  Coarse screen with raw water pump station, Fine screen and sandtrap object with grease trap unit;
Volume 7:  Design of internal water and sewerage installations;
Volume 8:  Detailed mechanical design of heating installations.

    • WWTP Teslic Electro Design
    • Arrangement of the plateau and streets around Teslic WWTP
    • Study on implemented geodetic surveys for the Detailed Design development
    • Study on results of engineering-geological and geo-mechanical investigation works for the Detailed design development
    • Study on protection at works and fire protection