Consultancy Services – Development of the Detailed Design for KOJ-5 Irrigation System in Kojčinovac, City of Bijeljina

Investor: HIGRA d.o.o. Bijeljina
Implementation: Project implemented in period 2021-2022


Preliminary Design for the area of Semberija has defined spatial units, sub-systems and positions and required profiles of transport and distributive pipelines in the area of all 24 sub-systems, including KOJ-5 as basis for consideration of development of distributive network and connection of large number of users onto irrigation system.

KOJ-5 sub-system is located on the right bank of Drina-Glogovac channel, between settlements Patkovača and Amajlije and represents one of the most prosperous sub-systems for irrigation in this spatial unit.

Based on the requirements from the ToR, irrigation system development is provided for 553 ha gross surface of KOJ-5 irrigation sub-system.

Detailed design covers following parts:

    • Development of transport and distributive network followed with accessory objects, including objects for connection of beneficiaries,
    • Construction of water intake for PS KOJ-5 from Drina-Glogovac channel, which is going to hydraulically provide undisturbed water abstraction from this channel during its normal operation, and
    • Construction of PS KOJ-5 pump station with necessary hydro-mechanical equipment, power supply and control system in PS KOJ-5 that will provide efficient system operation under all conditions and all requirements of individual consumers within system.

In the Detailed Design for KOJ-5 there are detailed hydraulic calculations developed based on geodetic surveyed data and based on additional optimization and detailed technical concept of irrigation development for this Subsystem are presented.

KOJ -5 pump station with water intake is located at the Drina-Glogovac junction channel, at chainage St.2+739 and has total installed power in parallel operation of all 6 pump units of P=5x56,6+1x30,9=313,9 kW. Total discharge in parallel operation of all 6 pump units is Q= 5x70 + 1x30= 380 l/s and pump head H=60m.

After implementation of this project, it is possible to provide water supply for the irrigation needs for the area bordering with KOJ-5 sub-system where intensive agricultural production is implemented, but the area was classified as construction land, therefore not subject to this project, as well as the area bordering the sub-system to the north and west of KOJ-5 sub-system.